Rhys Darby Launches 2 Degrees Campaign

5 07 2009

Rhys is one of the top comedy names here in GodZone so expectations were high.  The two main questions were A. would the ad create a distinction between 2 degrees and the two big telcos and B. would it be funny?

Well it made me smile on first (and second) viewing.  It’s nicely written,  edited and acted. You can view it below and form your own opinion.

Despite being chock full of Kiwiana it seems fresh and uncontrived.  The creative team have created an endearing view of New Zealand, as though Murray had come back from New York and got a bit cooler with it.

There is a danger of course that we’re going to get Rhys burnout, particularly with Darby fronted ads running for C4’s 100 greatest pop culture moments and Darby fronted trailers for FOTC reruns on Prime.

Based on this first outing that’s a risk 2 Degrees should be prepared to take.

From a media point of view I wish they had their search engine strategy in place before the ads aired.  If  you didn’t catch the URL tacked on to the end of the ad and instead, decided to google 2 degrees, you would have turned up a pretty unprofessional result (see below). A redirect as the top result, a header with typos, no Google Adwords to direct you in the right direction.  Ah well, I’m sure the client (or agency) will get onto it eventually.

Search result for 2 degrees





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