Flossie’s Range of Web Channels

16 07 2009

flossieThe team at flossie.com have sent out this reminder about their new channels

Each channel has its own style, content, associated network sites and dedicated Channel Managers.

You’ll find them all on www.flossie.com

Here’s the background:

LifestyleFlossie – Every day we’ll be serving you the best of the best living, gardening, food & wine, craft & design, eco, pets and weddings content – all the good things in life really. It’s inspired living made easy! Get to know LifestyleFlossie and her network partners.

FashionFlossie – The best of the best fashion and beauty content delivered in one (very well-heeled) place. If you love to shop smartly, enjoy great buys, gorgeous imagery and to be challenged and inspired in equal parts, discover it now! Get to know FashionFlossie and her network partners.

HealthyFlossie – Packed with great content on diet & fitness, nutrition, women’s health, family health, sex & relationships and of course happiness. Happiness is a daily choice and I’m going to help you make the right one. Get to know HealthyFlossie and her network partners.

ProfessionalFlossie – Your home for information & inspiration on women in business, personal development, technology & trends, executive style, careers and personal finance – no fluff, no regurgitation and definitely no ball breakers. Get to know ProfessionalFlossie and her network partners.

MamaFlossie – No one tells it like it is – except MamaFlossie. Parenthood is brilliant, mind-blowing, scary, fun, a whirlwind, overwhelming and precious; but how the hell do you get through it without going mad? Get to know MamaFlossie and her network partners.

And stay tuned for one more, very exciting release in the coming weeks.




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