Fly Buys and Comtxt partner to offer 2.2 million New Zealanders rewards for texts

2 09 2009

Fly Buys is partnering with HooHaa, the mobile marketing channel, to offer Fly Buys Points for receiving personalised deals, which its 2.2 million Members can opt to have sent to their mobile phones. Fly Buys Head of Marketing and Product Development Chris Lamers, says “This is a new way of rewarding Fly Buys Members – those who choose to opt-in will receive tailored promotional text messages, via HooHaa, and earn extra Points. This partnership is a logical extension to the current Fly Buys model and allows us to further reward Members for their loyalty and time, in a very innovative way.”

HooHaa CEO, Brian Hawker, says “The partnership with the 2.2 million Fly Buys Member community makes mobile advertising even more relevant for New Zealand advertisers. While we are unsure how many Fly Buys Members will opt-in, we expect a positive response which will greatly increase the impact of the text marketing medium.”

Under HooHaa’s unique model, the 80,000 HooHaa members are paid to receive relevant and tailored advertising to their mobile phones. They are then able to credit the money earned to accounts they hold with other entities which have payment agreements with HooHaa.

Mr Lamers says, “This is purely an extra, opt-in service – a way for Members to get their dream rewards faster. Only Members who ask to receive promotional offers will be contacted and they will control what types of offers they receive, so they just receive texts with relevant deals.”

HooHaa will manage the development of promotions with its customers, and then those Fly Buys Members who opt-in will receive texts from Fly Buys, powered by HooHaa.

Fly Buys is managed by Loyalty NZ Ltd. It is New Zealand’s largest coalition loyalty programme with more than 1.3 million active households (representing 71% of all NZ households) and 2.2 million card holders. On average, each day, the Fly Buys card is swiped more than 300,000 times and 2,000 rewards are sent to Members.




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