November 2009 Media Update

11 11 2009

Welcome to the media360 client blog.  This month we have a good selection of stories covering the world of media planning and buying in New Zealand.  But first, here’s a small announcement about media360 itself.

Read that? Righto. On with the content…


Market Conditions: This month Dale canvases opinion from the main media owners on the outlook for advertising. Is the tough market bottoming out or is there more pain to come? Click here.


New Technology: Personal Video Recorders are gaining ground in New Zealand. John looks at the newest entrant, TiVo and compares it to the system with the largest base, Sky’s MySky box. Click here.


Outdoor: When the going gets tough its nice to know there are businesses out there who can still pitch in to help.  In this report Rachel looks at how the billboard companies helped out a not-for-profit client. Click here.


Radio: The latest radio listenership figures are out. Rebecca looks at the highlights. Click here.


Television: How are tv viewership levels performing? Are people spending more time watching television. Becky analyses the numbers . Click here.


Online: In this update, Jane examines Facebook social ads and how you can use them to drive social interactions around your brand. Click here.


Magazines: Marissa gives us the latest news from publishers in light of the recent magazine readership survey. Click here.

hot or not

New this month: media360’s hot or not.  Who’s cool, who’s tryhard.  This is our chance to send out the brickbats or bouquets to media-land. Click here.




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