Starting 2010 with a Bang

20 02 2010

In our line of work we tend to rely on verifiable media facts from reputable sources like Nielsen and Roy Morgan.  But this month we are happy to report one piece of news which originates from that often overused source, “Anecdotal Feedback”.   The media industry is busy apparently and quite a way up on the same period last year.  We’re hearing this from clients, from publishers and from the TV networks.  The general consensus, according to reports, is that 2010 started with a bang and many areas of the industry are working flat out to keep up.

Obviously it will be a while before the data flows through and we can put measurable figures around these assertions. However if it proves to be true, it bodes well for an industry that has weathered it’s fair share of tough storms in the past two years.

There is another place you can go to find out how much is going on in the media industry – the media360 blog.  This month we have quite a roundup of news covering many media.  Click the links below to have a read of the updates.

In this months “Dales Bits” Mr. Spencer prepares the media ground for Rugby World Cup 2011, cast his eye over Google & Freeview and shares his thoughts on great start to the year for media360.

John Buckley takes a quick look at Interactive Marketing in How To Go Viral

Change is in the wind at HooHaa

Newspaper and Magazine publishers deal with the just released circulation and readership figures

MSN get on the good foot with new Health and Sports channels

MTV Networks provide an update on Nick, MTV and Comedy Central

Yahoo!Xtra give us their most recent highlights

And finally, a grab-bag of things media360 is obsessing about right now




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