Media News for June 2010

16 06 2010

Research: Nielsen is making moves to measure PVR usage in New Zealand. Client Services Director Rebecca Lloyd reviews their presentation. Click here.

New Technology: Foursquare is the latest social networking tool.  It’s got the social media community buzzing but how does it work and just how many kiwis are using it. John investigates. Click here.

Australia: Dale finds a silver lining for online retail in the big island to our west. Click here.

Ambient Advertising: Stuck for ideas?  View our gallery of ambient advertising creative. Click here.

Television: Viewer numbers are reaching record levels – so what content can we expect from the networks. Click here.

Mobile Advertising: iPhone, iPad, iAds – is Steve Jobs shaping the future of advertising? Click here.

Team News: Welcome to our new team members. Click here.

Obsessions: What oddball items are attracting our attention this month? Click here.




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