July Media News

12 07 2010

Cinema: The 3D effect is providing a boost for cinema groups in New Zealand.  See the numbers for the year so far and the lineup for the year ahead here.

Out of Home: With 12 locations and 1.6 million shopper visits a week, what can Westfield do for you? Click here.

Online: 11 years is a long time for an online brand to be around. Rather than rest on its laurels nzgirl.co.nz is pushing ahead with a new look and a more social approach. Click here.

Planning: The media360 2011 events calendar – you can’t get through the year without it. Download your copy here.

Rich Media Advertising: Eyewonder is the big name in rich, online display advertising creative. For some examples of what you can do with it click here.

Research: Nielsen has been reappointed as the supplier of Television ratings data in New Zealand. Click here.

Social Media: Had enough of Facebook yet?  Too tired to tweet? We ask if the social media marketing backlash has begun? Click here.

Obsessions: What oddball items are attracting our attention this month? Click here.




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