TVNZ announces U – a new youth channel

18 01 2011

TVNZ today announced that it will launch U, a new commercial free-to-air digital channel on March 13th.  It will feature real life and factual entertainment programming targeted at kiwis aged 15 to 24.

One of the key features of the new channel is it’s close integration with social media website Facebook.

TVNZ’s Eric Kearlyey explained “the backbone of the U schedule is U live, a hosted block from 4pm to 7pm daily, featuring chat and commentary driven by a U live Facebook application.  Peoples comments, profile pictures and polling activity will be automatically pulled through in the broadcast.”

A showreel for U is available to view at (you’ll need quicktime to view it) and the U Facebook page is here

The TVNZ web page for U goes on to explain the channels premise:

Aimed at the 15-24 year old audience, U is social TV, featuring reality and factual entertainment programming.

Broadcasting from midday to midnight, it’s got everything you will need.

And from 4pm – 7pm seven days a week, there’s a live hosted show called U live which will take social networking to a new level.

Here’s how the channel’s going to break down:

4pm – 7pm: U live –  a daily live show with chat, interviews and music videos – as well as your input.

7pm – 8.30pm: General reality shows

8.30pm – 10.30pm: Each night will offer a different theme and experience:

  • crush – shows about dating and relationships
  • sound – music shows
  • U tv  – the first chance you’ll get to choose which shows New Zealand sees
  • guts – it’s all about the extreme sports
  • dude – male skewed programming
  • ursula – female skewed programming
  • U win – competitive reality programmes

10.30pm – 11pm – Get your gaming on as U gives you an insight into the gaming world.




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