5 Reasons to advertise with Google Adwords

1 – Flexible costing options:

Advertisers can choose from a cost-per-click or cost-per-impression basis to suit their needs best.

Google Adwords has no minimum buy so campaigns could effectively run and be tested for a cost of $10 a day or less to utilize any sized budget.

2 – Control over costs:

Advertisers have a huge amount of control over their costs and can set a maximum daily budget and specific amounts they’re willing to pay per click or per thousand impressions which Google Adwords will never exceed.

The daily budget and maximum bid can be altered at any point during the campaign to maximize the budget.

3 – Targeted advertisements:

In traditional advertising and most forms of online advertising ads are broadcasted to a wide range of audiences visiting a site.

When a search query is entered into Google, a user will see the natural results for the term along with AdWords that are highly targeted to the search topic.

Consequently, AdWords are as relevant and useful as Google’s natural search results as ads will reach users at the precise time they are searching for your product or service.

4 – Marketing Reach:

Targeted AdWords appear on Google properties, thousands of partner search sites and content sites in the Google Network (such as How Stuff Works) and newsletters and email.

Advertisers can choose exactly what sites their AdWords will appear, whether this is solely the Google Search Network or extending into the Content Network.

5 – Fast Implementation:

Google AdWords can be created as soon as an account has been set up to coincide with any campaign timeframe.

AdWords campaigns can be set up in real time, thus are almost immediately implemented on chosen sites when the campaign setup is completed.

To summarise, with an AdWords media buy the potential for your ads to appear virtually anywhere online worldwide, and yet remain targeted and relevant to the user is a reality. The level of control over the campaign costs and ability to monitor and maximize the budget at any time results in a highly tailored advertising campaign at a rate you decide.

If you would like a review of your options get in touch jane@media360.co.nz


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