Cinema Advertising Update

Cinema advertising offers a great way of extending TV activity, especially long duration TVC’s, but the options aren’t just limited to the screen.


The Val Morgan cinema network offers a variety of media options to help you create awareness in the cinema environment.

With cinema you can captivate the audience and make the moment more memorable by adding off screen into the mix.  Off screen elements can include many elements including live events in the cinema, branded seatbacks and static foyer displays.

Upcoming Movie Events

One movie event to be aware of in particular is New Moon.  The hype for this movie has been building since the first film Twilight, which was 4th on the Top Movies Jan- July 09 YTD.

Val Morgan has a “New Moon sales package” which is based on five weeks of screening and gives national coverage. The package delivers an estimated audience of 300,000 and an R&F of 24% and 1.1. There’s also the prospect of category exclusivity which may improve the impact of the campaign, especially if it’s a new launch.

Other “big” movies you can expect to see on screen are Year One, Fame, Couples Retreat, Zombieland and Away We Go to name a few.


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