Dales Bits, February 2010

Rugby World Cup – We are thinking ahead

Given the massive hype, visitor numbers and opportunities that the upcoming Rugby World Cup will have for NZ, we thought it might be time to sow the seed about planning for this key period in 2011.
Most media owners still don’t have final signoffs from the IRB for activity as yet, however we know there will be huge interest and the best of the bunch will no doubt sell-out very quickly.
There is generally a set process for advertising during this time…
•    Priority is initially given to the event sponsors for all advertising opportunities at around 18 months out from kick-off
•    Second stage is securing broadcast and major media presentation sponsors
•    Thirdly, sales packs go into the market within 12 months of kick-off
•    From here it is generally a free-for-all
The events are also the perfect opportunity to think outside the box for PR, stunts, promotions and so on.
For those looking for assistance in developing strategies over this period, please let us know, it’s best to get in early.

Locational Ad placement in Google Maps

Google are investing in their mapping products and have recently received patents for ad technology that will insert locational advertising in its Street View application.
Google says it will identify buildings, posters, signs and billboards in its StreetView images – and then let advertisers replace these images with more up-to-date ads. Google also seems to be planning to establish an advertising auction for unclaimed properties in StreetView, a move that could pose unexpected conflicts if an advertisers places an ad on a competitor’s storefront, writes ReadWriteWeb (via MarketingVOX).

In our view, this opens up a tremendous new media opportunity for locational ad placements and will no doubt become as standard on media plans as Adwords are currently.
The greatest application we can see will no doubt be in the retail sector, however this will give endless scope to most advertising categories out there.

Latest figures show that Freeview is showing increasing numbers, now available in 21.6% of homes, still way behind the % of homes that SKY delivers…but starting to get interesting.
One aspect that hasn’t been addressed by the network hierarchies is that of how all the new channels and means of viewing will dent their existing free-to-air viewing and advertising models…the great unspoken it seems.
In a refreshingly blunt interview in Australia’s AdNews mag about the growth in channel numbers, Channel Nine’s CEO David Gyngell stated “At the moment free-to-air has the largest audiences so we are going to be the people who will be most cannibalised by ourselves”.
Which is quite true, so the key issue is how the networks will retain their existing income and audience levels from a wider media offering.

A great start to 2010 for media360

It really has been an astounding beginning to the New Year across the business with positive growth from new business and maintaining our beloved existing clients.
In Wellington, new clients including PSIS via a placement alliance with agency r+r provides a greater footprint in a market that has seen a number of media shops leave in recent years.
In Auckland, new place-throughs have come through the door in addition to some exciting new business wins including Dilmah Tea.
Our PR arm, 360connect has seen growth from existing clients, particularly Unitec and new projects for the NZ Aids Foundation and Firth.
And online, 360interactive has some exciting news too…we just aren’t allowed to tell anyone yet.
In Australia, 6 months of groundwork is starting to yield some exciting results with a number of new client appointments across traditional and digital media.
The team has been frantic and our thanks to them for their support over this busy period.
Go us!


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