Facebook Social Ads in a Nutshell

Earlier this year Facebook passed the one million NZ user per month mark.  Because of this, more and more companies are taking Facebook seriously as a media channel.

facebookIronically enough, Facebook itself is one of these companies;  it has hired Paul Webster (ex Google NZ) to build its sales team and create more managed media opportunities within the site.  We’ll comment more on that in future updates but in the meantime here is an overview of one of Facebook’s key advertising platforms, Social Adverts.

What Are Social Ads?

Social ads are small display adverts that appear on Facebook.  They differ from standard banner adverts in that you can attach social actions to them. This means is that if a user clicks on your advert and becomes a fan of your brand on Facebook, that action will appear in the users news feed and become visible to the users friends.

Why use them?

Social Ads are an effective medium to complement a brand or campaign, particularly when an advertiser is targeting a demographic which includes a high number of Facebook users.

By linking a Social Ad and a relevant message to a related Fan Page advertisers can expect to see increased fan numbers providing you have targeted the ads to the correct users (happily Facebook has many targeting options such as age, sex, location, interests).

How do you pay for them?

Social Ad campaigns can be bought on a cost-per-click basis where you get a high volume of impressions but only pay when a user clicks  through to your landing page.  Many advertisers like this option because it  increases brand awareness but the payment model is performance focused.

There is no minimum daily budget required and ads can run for very short or extended periods of time.

Our View

media360 recently used social adverts to successfully promote the Paper Plus and Canadian Club fan pages.  By carefully targeting our adverts to specific demographics we were successful in increasing the fan databases exponentially.

As I mentioned at the outset, Facebook has continued its steady increase in user numbers over the last year in New Zealand. It now dominates other social media sites.

We believe that Facebook’s great advertising flexibility coupled with its strong user base makes it an important tool you can use tactically to reach and engage local consumers.

Story by Jane Kennedy-Good, Media Assistant.


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