Playing for Keeps – using web games to generate customer data

Aug Blog 3m1Looking for a fun integrated online solution to create brand personality?  We were too.  As we get promised all the time, nothing’s impossible when using the online medium so we decided to test it out.

3M Post-it came to us wanting to create a fun way to get consumers to interact with the Post-it brand.  Our response was to create a flash game on a top publisher site and support it with display advertising across a range of sites within the network. To generate traffic the game would be incentivised with prizes.

Aug Blog 3m2

After examining the options , we aligned the game with Their broad network (MSN NZ, MSN.NZHerald co-brand, TVNZ partnership, Facebook, Windows Live Hotmail & MSN Messenger) ranked highly with the target market, and we therefore knew that we could get a good amount of users playing the game.

A media plan with supporting advertising was created and tweaked and the game design underway. The game concept was simple yet addictive, a race against time to match flashing icons with their supporting Post-it note

Aug Blog 3m3

(reinforcing that people use Post-it’s as reminders).

Included in the last frame is a data capture page which allows us to gain the users details and an opt-in field. A ‘forward to friends’ link is also included, after all there’s nothing like viral marketing on the internet.

The overall cost of a solution like this depends on how complex you want the design and how you want to promote it.  You also need to consider the type of incentive you’re using to convince people to interact.

We’re more than happy to put together a package for you so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me (

Have a play of this one at:


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11 08 2009
August Update «

[…] Playing for Keeps – using web games to generate customer data […]

12 08 2009
Toni Knowles

It’s fantastic to see agencies like Media360 helping brands use online in innovative ways, to encourage interaction with the brand. For campaigns looking to seed a viral component (forward to freinds) and also capture user’s opt ins (registration / database acquisition), permissioned email is also a great channel to include. It can be targeted to specific demographics and interests, will drive high volume of clicks through to the microsite, and is a cost effective way to generate registrations. If the creative or the offer is good, recipients will forward to their friends & family – we have recently seen an email campaign generate 38% pass long ratio (38% of the recipients who received and clicked also forwarded on).

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