Hot or Not, November 09

Every month we get loads of information from media owners, research companies, PR people and other assorted ne’r do wells (please note the tone of this column should fall somehere between “humour” and “not to be taken too seriously”).

It’s only natural to categorise what we see into two categories, that which is hot and that which is not.

In the spirit of modern communication we would like to share all of our opinions about our favourites and our flatliners with you, our lovely clients and associates.

Here’s whats rocking in the media360 offices this month:


1. Prime TV bringing QI to New Zealand – The intellectual yet hilarious quiz show from the UK hosted by Stephen Fry. Splendiforous.

2. TV3’s Friday night line-up

3. Montieths Apple Cider

4. Nurse Jackie on TV3

5. Scarlett Johanson on the front of the new look Cleo


1. Scandalous online headlines with the stories as paid subscriber content only

2. Eden Terrace roadworks

3. Twitter catfights between grown up journos  – you should have left that stuff in the school yard boys!


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