Interactive marketing – how to go viral

What is viral marketing? According to wikipedia it is “a technique aiming at reproducing “word of mouth”, usually on the internet or by e-mail, for humorous, political or marketing purposes”.  It has also been something of a dark art for interactive media agencies such as 360interactive.  We often find ourselves in the role of modern day alchemists, being given a lump of lead (usually a “funny” video) and being asked to spin it into viral gold.

However the dark art of seeding and viral promotion is now being replaced by science.  Thanks to our network of contacts in the UK interactive industry we are now in possession of a system that allows us to calculate the main factors needed for a digital element to “go viral”.

If you have something you think the world would just love to see share it with us and we will assess it against certain criteria, how funny/sexy/moving is it, what amplifiers has it got (ie celeb endorsement, intrigue) and how influential is the brand. The end result will be a recommendation on a seeding strategy which may incorporate paid and/or organic seeding.

For more information or a review of your viral strategy contact John on

Here are some great examples of web clips which had the right mix of elements to attain Viral Gold

Carlsberg Mentos

Kylie Minogue Agent Provocateur Ad – A personal favourite in the media360 offices (with John actually). Probably the most viewed cinema advert on the web…

Sunsilk Bride Wig Out – a viral to support the Canadian Wig Out campaign from 2007, contains swearing…

Pinky the cat – viral yes, commercial no, unless it’s an ad for cat sedative


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