Are Kiwis watching more television?

One of the silver linings of this recession has been the fact that more people are watching television (well, it’s a silver lining for advertisers in any case).

The TV networks have been reporting this increase for a while, attributing the increase to various causes including the financial situation, strong programming and in some cases, bad weather.

We tracked the numbers of people using television (PUTs) across some of the key demographics to see where the growth was coming from.  We also looked at the situation channel by channel to see who the winners and losers were there.

All People 18 – 54
Year on Year (YOY) there has been a significant rise in the number of PUTs within the 18-54 demographic. May to September 2009 shows a large peak compared to 2008 . These are promising statistics for strong TV advertisers.

YOY Ratings AP 18-54

All People 16-24
Viewing habits of the (allegedly) fickle young adult group have fluctuated greatly over last year.  Their year on year viewership dropped during February and March, but was in the ascendant in June and July. By October viewer levels had again declined compared to the previous year.

YOY Ratings AP 16-24

Household Shoppers
Our household shopper audience are slightly up YOY however no major growth has occurred within this demographic. In saying this, we have seen no major decline in PUTs and their average audience usage is 40% – 50%.

YOY Ratings HHS

All People 5+
Our All People 5+ graph proves that PUTs are up YOY as well as showing that they have risen significantly since 2007.

YOY Ratings

In channel terms TV2, C4 and Sky/Prime are the major winners in terms of growth.

• TV1 had a peak in June yet is sitting consistently and not showing any major change
• TV2 showed strong growth between April and July and still sitting higher than October 2008
• TV3 consistent YOY yet we can see a peak in August
• C4 has had huge growth, a massive rise from January to September 2009 however October has dropped off slightly, the introduction of more programmes and less music should re-boot this growth
• Prime has had a good amount of growth since August and is still sitting high
• Sky peaked between May and September

Story by Rebecca Stratford (Becky), media360 media planner/buyer.


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