MTV Networks Update – Nickelodeon, MTV and Comedy Central

Nickelodeon Online Study

Across November 2009 Nick took the chance to ask its viewers their thoughts through an online survey and at With 560 respondents participating in the survey the key findings make interesting reading!

* Kids are engaging with multiple forms of media on a daily basis. 82% are watching TV with 56% surfing the web everyday.
* The most popular time to watch TV was afterschool with 87% of all those surveyed aged between 5-8 watching it every day after school.
* 52% of Kids in Sky Homes navigate channels greater than those in non sky homes with them agreeing “I go to my favorite channels and watch shows on those channels”
* Our core demographic audience is coming to Nick for competitions (20%) compared to 11% for Disney and 9% for Cartoon Network.

Source: Nickelodeon NZ Online Study NOV09


Paris Hilton is once again in dire need of a new BFF. 13 girls and one boy are looking to fill the place that last year’s winner Brittany, like Nicole Richie and Britney Spears before her, held in Paris’ life. Once again, Paris will put them through rigorous challenges that will test their smarts, wit, loyalty, party skills and, perhaps most importantly, their hotness. Only one of them will be deemed worthy of the ultimate prize: to be introduced by Paris Hilton’s as “my new BFF” Paris Hiltons My New BFF Season Two Premiers Monday 22nd February 2010 @ 9.30pm

Comedy Central

Forever famous as the man who created Seinfeld, Larry David: Curb Your Enthusiasm is the show that launched the series. A show within a show, Curb Your Enthusiasm is a mockumentary HBO comedy special all about the making of an HBO comedy special! It starts with Larry David, legendary Seinfeld creator being approached by to do a one off special. Agreeing but deciding he needs to polish his stand up, David hits the comedy clubs for the first time in years only to find that his nerves aren’t quite as robust as they used to be. With a cast that includes Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander & Richard Lewis, THIS is what all the fuss is about. Larry David: Curb Your Enthusiasm premiers Tuesday 23rd February 2010 @ 8.30pm.


School is in and the boys from Shreducation are making the grade! Nick’s first ever reality series is a thrilling, inspiring and often hilarious adventures of a class of talented young snowboarders that are ripping and shredding their way to the top! This series captures ex-pro Jesse Fulton educating the boys from Shreducation in the incredible and often dangerous snowboarding tricks that could lead them to the 2010 Olympics. Their journey takes them on a globe-trotting experience, searching for success and discovering life lessons along the way. Imagine balancing normal teenage issues while living life on the road, absorbing culture and making new friends around the world, including a visit to New Zealand! Shreducation appears exclusively on Nickelodeon New Zealand weeknights at 7pm.


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