Oggi Digital in The Warehouse

Think “Out of home advertising” and you may think of showcase branding: big beautiful creative shown to a massive amount of people at any given time.

OGGI however, has introduced a digital direct response side to their out of home business and partnered with The Warehouse, one of New Zealand’s largest retailers (1.2 million New Zealanders visit a Warehouse store every week).

OGGI Digital has installed 373 x 32” LCD pole mounted digital screens across the checkout counters of all 85 Warehouse store locations nationwide. These strategically placed screens are positioned to capture the attention of 1.2 million consumers each week across NZ, offering an unprecedented new digital out of home media delivery. The screens run up to fifteen 8-second advertisements across a 2 minute rotation loop during the Warehouse’s trading hours.

The purpose of course is to influence the shopping behaviour of customers once they leave the store. So far they have run successful campaigns for Radiolive and McDonalds to name just two.

Ads are managed through OGGI’s licensed content management solution, are scheduled to automatically download, and are queued for delivery at regular intervals using advanced wireless 3G internet broadband technology.

The average checkout queue time across all warehouse stores is 2min 30 seconds; ensuring consumers have every opportunity to see your advertising material.
Benefits of using OGGI Digital Warehouse screens are:
New innovative technology
Mass audience delivery
National coverage
Flexible targeting
Day part or day specific capabilities
Verified audience
Cost efficient
No installation costs
Low production costs

For further information on case studies follow the link below or don’t hesitate to get in touch with any of us at media360.



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