The Good Guys

Given many have been doing it tough in 2010 it is really heart-warming to see “The Good Guys” step up and still help and contribute for charity organisations and we here at media360 felt that it was worthy of mention on our blog.

M&C Saatchi have stepped up in a big way creating this fantastic outdoor creative for St Matthew-in-the-city.

When we saw the contribution M&C had made we of course got on board and worked with the outdoor companies to source some high profile billboard sites to showcase this creative work.

Despite the fact we had no budget, the response from our outdoor friends was overwhelming (we hadn’t even finished sending out requests before the first offers of help came flooding through).

APN came to the party providing a site on The Strand.  Then OTW came on board. They not only offered a Free billboard site but they also covered the cost of production of a second skin (thanks to Omnigraphics) and installation again. This enabled St Matthew-in-the-city to have a second prominent location within the city on Newton Road.


We would also like to thank Oggi and Media5 for their willingness to help out also.


Story by Rachel Stewart, media360 media manager.


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