Things media360 is obsessing about this month takes celebrity and fashion and melds them into a hugely successful website where the great unwashed can buy the exact products worn by their favourite shlebrity.

The next installment of the uber-successful Australian series Underbelly is on its way soon (from Channel Nine).
This time, it is based in Kings Cross in the late 80’s when the criminal underworld and bent cops took over ‘The Golden Mile’.  The series focuses on the fight between them and the good cops to turn the strip around (we are not entirely sure they ever succeeded really though, it’s still delightful).
Click here for a nosey. We can’t wait!

Some of us are finding the Winter Olympics rather obsessive viewing, with all the drama of the Summer ones….but on slippery, dangerous stuff!
Catch it on SKY, or at
The madness of ski jumping starts on Saturday, well worth tuning in for.

When will Lady Gaga’s rise to the throne as “Queen of Pop” actually stop?  First it was her appearance at the Brits, then it was this arresting cover for the latest Rip It Up.  She is becoming queen of all media. In a related media note Rip It Up is gearing up for Apr-May – The NZ MUSIC MONTH issue. There are several opportunities available for sponsorship, such as the NZ Music Month feature and the ‘Say What!’ feature (scandal/gossip and famous quotes). Final bookings due Friday 19th of March and the issue goes on sale on the 5th of April.

Statistics New Zealand has released the great new online tool, The Business Toolbox.  It’s free to do your own research. You can view density maps of your residential target market, compare areas and zoom in on suburbs. You can describe your market in terms of age, sex, income, or by household and family type. Let’s hope it doesn’t have a tool to replace media strategists! You can view it here.

We’re looking forward to using the New Zealand Herald’s new Video Player for advertising.  You can take a look at the new player here.   There will be 2 different sizes for video dependant on quality, this is the larger size.  Pre-Roll advertsing is on offer, and the CPM is set currently set at $60 CPM while they analyze performance over the next few weeks.


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