The Advertisement Now Leaving Platform One – Train Billboards

For years we have enjoyed the development of new Outdoor advertising options. We have seen the emergence of billboards which have developed into having 3D capability and trials of digital options. We can brand the streets with adshels, street chalking, floor decals and we can brand malls with eyelites (static & digital). Taking that to the next level buses can provide a fantastic transit advertising option offering high impact and maximum exposure. These great results have led to the emergence of a new media – Train Billboards.
Train 2

And what may this exciting new outdoor opportunity cost you? Just $7K media plus production (estimated at $10K). This will give you full coverage of a mid section and doubled sided.

With the amount of commuters using trains as their preferred way of travelling (656,000 aged 14+ Nationally have travelled by train in the last 3 months), this will no doubt become a viable option for many especially with the Rugby World Cup approaching…

Rates are based on 1 months exposure.


One response

18 10 2009
Chris Monaghan

What a brilliant media!……thanks for the support guys.

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