TVNZ Launch New Advertising Offering

By Rachel Stewart.

TVNZ have recently announced the launch of “Smart Choices Everyday”. Partnering with Brandworld (those responsible for Family Health Diary, Discover and Wattie’s Food in a Minute), TVNZ has developed their own “Masthead” Advertising Platform that will run across TV1, TV2 and their online properties.


Advertisers have the option to buy a pre-determined package of 30” ads which will become known as “Smart Choices Everyday”. These ads will be created by TVNZ featuring the same look and feel across multiple products and advertisers (think Brandpower – helping you buy better) and fronted by NZ’s very own Stacey Morrison as our Shopping Reporter.

Why has TVNZ put this together? Well, apparently from a consumer’s perspective they are often time poor and bombarded with multiple product offerings (and no time to evaluate and choose what is best for them). Smart Choices Everyday will help the consumer to make a better informed choice.  From a Marketing perspective TVNZ believe that this package will offer a proven return on investment in a tough economic climate – and all at a low cost.

In terms of required investment there are multiple packages available depending on requirements. A peak package is available for purchase at a cost of $90,000. This will give you 200 guaranteed ratings against the Smart Choices Everyday audience (HHS with Kids 0-14) across a 4 week period. 75% of which will run within the peak timezone. An indicative 1+ reach of 70% should be met. Potential Key programmes include 1x News each week and 2x Shortland St per 4 weeks.  Given this, it is likely that TVNZ will be holding back airtime in these key shows to meet the potential demands of those signing on for Smart Choices Everyday. There is an online option that can be tagged on, as well as a repeat package price (if advertisers want to run the 4 week campaign again using the same TVC). The cost also includes all standard production elements.

There is “limited exclusivity” available – product not category specific and no limit as to how many different Smart Choices Everyday TVC’s can be on air at one time, although demand and airtime availability will ultimately determine this. TVNZ also have a 4 week turnaround policy from the time of confirmation making this a viable option for those who need to get messages quick to market.

This is an excellent opportunity for those who have been unable to utilise Television in the past due to the cost prohibitive nature of it. Smart Choices Everyday will provide advertisers with a cost effective, risk free Television option.  The only downside is that advertisers effectively won’t have “ownership” as such from these TVC’s that are created. It is unlikely that they will be able to be used across other media platforms.


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24 08 2009
David MacGregor

BrandWorld didn’t create Food In A Minute. Mike O’Sullivan, who is now a director of BrandWorld was involved with that product in a previous role.

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