Yahoo!Xtra’s Happy New Year

Many web publishers like Yahoo!Xtra have had good reason to celbrate with large increases in online visitor numbers through 2009.  NZ unique browsers (UBs) on the Yahoo! network grew 27%3 year on year (2008 to 2009) and continued into January when the Y!X homepage experienced its largest month ever, with 3,354,541 1 monthly UBs.

But as Y!X point out, audience reach alone doesn’t warrant media investment.  Beyond audience size, advertisers are looking for more efficient ways to deliver on communication and business objectives, and online delivers against these needs.

On top of their Behavioural Targeting and search re-targeting products, Y!X have invested in our Performance Network capability.  The Y! Performance network offers true direct response (DR) campaign management to over 4.43 million UBs and uses an auto-optimising ad-server. This ensures that your ads are served up to an interested audience and will chase that audience as they move around credible Yahoo! sites.  This technology with leading advice from the DR Y!X team turns your “CPC campaign” into an efficient acquisition channel.

Yahoo!Xtra Network Highlights for January

Six channels had their biggest months in Nielsen Market Intelligence:

Y!X Travel had a 111% increase in unique browsers and 83% rise in page views.

Y!X Movies did it again with 17% more UBs and PVs

Y!X TV Guide had an extra 25% of average daily browsers and an extra 27% page views.

Y!X Events rose by 30% in pvs, 32% in total sessions and 18% in ubs

Y!X Homepage and Mail also had their biggest months ever.

Top Stories for January

“What really went on the night of Tiger’s car crash”

“Look at them now” – Celebrity Photo Gallery

“Wardrobe malfunction for bobsleigher”

Top Polls for January:

78% of the 26,169 people who voted said that pitbulls should be banned in NZ.

88% said that photos of New Zealand’s SAS troops in action should not be published – ‘their identities should be protected’.

70% said that obese passengers should pay more to fly.

Y!X Search’s Top 10 Movers

Kiwis had travel on their mind in January with this list of top 10 movers in Yahoo!Xtra Search:

1. Jessica Alba
2. Australian open
3. Yellow pages nz
5. Top 10 holiday parks
6. zoosk
7. Harcourts real estate
8. Wellington airport
9. House of Travel
10. Expedia nz


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