Ambient Advertising – The Medium is the Message

By John Buckley

Ambient media presents a great alternative to (or supplement to) a traditional media campaign.  This category is driven by “The Idea” and believe me, the ambient companies have plenty of them.  Here is a gallery of some of the recent campaigns placed in New Zealand, and below that, a few shots of more internationally recognised campaigns.

Reverse water stencils blast out your message on pavement.  They are pretty green – the message fades over time

Look Walkers are the perfect way to deliver a billboard message at an event.

Clings are electro static waterproof paper that will cling to any surface.  They leave no ugly residue and can easily be taken away to be used in the office, home or wherever you want. Great for outdoor campaigns and POS communication.

Mall hanging banners are the most recent development in Mall media.  They are available at all AMP and KIPT maalls.
They are a big impact media, especially when combined with large format Floor Media.

International Creative

These great visual examples might provide the inspiration for your next Ambient campaign.


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