Cool New Things for September

Over Beer?
Canadian Club have revamped their Facebook presence with a smidgeon of help from media360.  We initially launched the CC page over 2 years ago (which seems like an eon in terms of branded content on Facebook) so it was well overdue for a refresh.  The page which is limited to Facebookers over the age of 18 carries new content including a monthly prize. This is managed offsite, as indeed it must be to comply with Facebook rules.  You can see the all new site, with it’s wizzy Facebook social integration, here at
The Guardian digital blog drew our attention to Winkball.  This is a fantastic idea. The video sharing site sent 100 “citizen video reporters” out into the Notting HIll carnival crowds armed with Flip-like video cameras.
This small army of reporters were then able to interview 100 people each and document the weekend’s goings on in a way that traditional news crews could not.
You can see all of the snaps and videos of the carnival here:
They had previously covered the Football World Cup and next up, they will be at the Homeless World Cup.
Arcade Fire and Google create the first ever HTML5 powered music video…
..and it’s less boring than that headline would have you believe.  Head here and put in the address of the place you grew up.  If it has been mapped by Google street view your childhood home could have a starring role in the video itself.
Facebook knows where you are with Facebook Places.
After months of rumours Facebook finally came out last month and announced their location based social networking tool Places.  You can read more about it by viewing John’s article on here.

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