Eyewonder Puts the Rich in Rich Media

As broadband speeds have improved, we’ve become more used to seeing rich media advertising on New Zealand websites.  There are several ways of delivering rich media onto websites but one of the most successful is Eyewonder.

Eyewonder was one of the original pioneers in video and rich media advertising. You may have seen the recent “and then there was salsa” campaign for Tostitos.  This campaign was such a breakthrough people visited Vimeo purely to see the advert.  This advert was served up using the Eyewonder platform.

They also helped produce this neat little interactive ad which ran during the world cup.  By using the viewers webcam they were able to involve people in the ad, creating an “Augmented Reality, Motion Sensitive, Rich Media Online Banner” (phew)

Many of the main websites in New Zealand now support Eyewonder and what’s more, many have “free serving” agreements in place that greatly reduce the cost of such campaigns.  Drop us a line if you’d like to know more about this form of advertising.


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