For Internet Advertising, The Only Way Is Up

Another quarter, another announcement of growth in internet ad spend.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau has just announced the latest  measurement figures for online advertising in NZ.  The higlights? Total advertising in the category grew an impressive 19% year-on-year and for the first time ever, Display overtook Classifieds with a massive 25.84% year-on-year increase. The IABNZ point out that this is at odds with international trends where paid search advertising, social media and mobile are the catalysts of growth.  Unfortunately, at present, IABNZ is unable to capture mobile advertising revenue and Facebook does not contribute data to this report.

Contributing to the report Sandra King, Group Sales & Marketing Manager, Fairfax Media said “Digital display continues its growth projection with some stand-out categories, such as the Telecommunication sector, Government departments, services and communities, and Investment Finance and Banking. However, what is being seen is more lifestyle type categories showing big movement with the Health and Beauty and Home and Garden categories, amongst others, growing rapidly. A late developer into digital display advertising, Retail is a category that is now going from strength to strength in terms of digital investment.”

A copy of the full report can be viewed here: IAB PwC Insight Report Q2 2010 Final


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