Fresh Faces on Breakfast – How are viewers responding?

TVNZ’s  Breakfast programme started 2011 with a whole new presenting team on the couch, and viewers seem to like what they see.

Nielsen ratings show that Petra Bagust and Corin Dann are enjoying a large increase in viewer numbers over the same time last year.

The chart below tracks viewership against All People 5+.  It shows an average increase of 30% during Breakfast’s first 4 weeks back on air. Against another target market, All People 30-49 the increase has been even greater, in the 70% range.

It’s hard to attribute this increase to any particular factor, though many have been named  – curiosity about the new team, a return of viewers who had switched to TV3’s Sunrise last year, an influx of people who had not liked previous host Paul Henry’s abrasive style.  In reality it’s probably a combination  of those factors.

P.S. There is apparently no truth in the rumour that the increase is due to the popularity of the gadget segment with contrubutor, John Buckley from media360.


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