Latest TV Network News

By John Buckley

In recent weeks the number of people using TV (PUTS) in New Zealand reached a 12 year high.  Given the amount of time Kiwis are spending in front of the box we thought you might like to see some of the current programming  and advertising opportunities…


Wimbledon: On 21st June, the 124th Wimbledon kicks off on centre court and TV2 will have exclusive live coverage of all the action. Sponsorship opportunities and advertising packs are available for the event.

SCHOOL HOLIDAY MOVIES: Through its strong distributor Network, TVNZ has access to many popular kid friendly movies. During the July 2010 School Holidays TVNZ’s programming for children includes a daily, weekday movie on TV2 at 12.30pm.  Titles are likely to include: Disney’s Dadnapped and Hatching Pete (both premieres), Inspector Gadget 2, George Of The Jungle 2, Son Of The Mask.  Perfect for: Toys, kids clothing products, kids care products, household shopper products


TV3 is highlighitng opportunities around upcoming shows Three in a Bed (about B&B owners), Sons of Anarchy (a drama about an outlaw motorcycle club) and The Kitchen Job (restaurant reality/makeover programme).

Sky Television

Sky are bringing Sea Patrol back, brand new episodes of this Aussie shenanigans-at-sea drama commence on Monday 21st of June.  Prime will show the All Blacks Vs Wales game at 8.30 on Saturday.  It will be interesting to see how the All Blacks bounce back from their crushing defeat at the hands of the Irish last week (don’t worry, I have my own separate reality).

Speaking of my mother country, Prime are getting great results out of the best ever comedy programme about three Irish priests exiled on an Atlantic Island (Father Ted of course). It screens Fridays at 8.30 and it recently pulled in a 4.2 Tarp for AP 25-54, a 5.4 Tarp for M 25-54 and a 5.5 Tarp for HHS 25-54.


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