Market leading magazine company pleased with readership increases

Source:ACP Magazines

The latest Nielsen readership results for the year ending 2010 tell a compelling story about the strength of the magazine market in New Zealand, with ACP Magazines propelling the industry forward on the back of unprecedented readership growth.

ACP Magazines have gained 152,000 new readers in 2010 with the majority reading multiple titles. In the past year, ACP Magazines reached over three million New Zealanders an average of 32 times. Every single New Zealand published title showed a readership increase compared to the previous year.

In the weekly market, often a barometer of the industry’s health, ACP’s flagship title Woman’s Day now reaches 814,000 people, up 54,000 compared to results for the prior year. This represents the biggest increase in the weekly market and reflects Woman’s Day’s position as the highest-selling women’s weekly magazine, confirmed again through the latest circulation audit results.

In other news  The Australian Women’s Weekly added 49,000 readers, Next magazine, poised to celebrate 20 years of inspiring New Zealand women, grew readership by 3.4 per cent to a total 370,000 while North and Sout, Metro and KiaOra all grew (16.9 per cent, 25.2 per cent and 24.2 per cent respectively).

Paul Dykzeul, CEO of ACP Magazines and publisher of their mass market womens titles comments: “In the current market, we’re seeing an increase in readers sharing their favourite magazines with family and friends and thus pass-on rates are growing. In many ways it’s adding to the engagement factor of magazines in that reading becomes a more shared, endorsed and socially networked experience.”


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