More Kiwis Using LinkedIn

The world’s largest social network for businesses is booming in New Zealand, thanks in part to the poor economy. has just released numbers which show that it is being used by more than 232,000 kiwi business people, a rise of 23% since February this year.

Lisa Ison from the Ad2One sales network said that LinkedIn is growing due to “professionals wanting to strengthen their networks in times of economic uncertainty.”

LinkedIn is a social networking site, similar in many ways to the larger, better known, Facebook.  Yet, while people share their personal information on Facebook, LinkedIn focuses on career and professional information.  Users are more likely to network with colleagues, clients and potential employers than friends or family.

Ison says that business people are using the site as a tool to find new commercial opportunities. However one long time local user, Kath Dewar, owner of marketing company GoodSense, says it is as much about maintaining relationships with clients as it is about finding new ones.  “I use LinkedIn’s discussion groups as a way to talk to connect with “communities of interest” – professionals who are concerned about the subjects I am concerned with.  It also helps me to strengthen relationships with clients by keeping them up to date on relevant issues”. Dewar refers to LinkedIn as the sleeping giant of social networks and expects the growth to continue as functionality improves.

The internet measurement service Comscore showed that LinkedIn was visited by 208,000 unique visitors in July 2010. By comparison Facebook had 1.9 million visitors and Twitter had 179,000.


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