Never mind the ides of March – beware October

A reminder for all those planning for retail activity in Q3 or 4 this year, there is a hell of a lot happening and some serious thought needs to be give to how you will outshout, outwit and outsmart your opposition.

What’s coming up:

Rugby World Cup – Lead up and final will impact dramatically on Labour weekend, especially if the AB’s get through

Election – Date announcement now 26 November.  This will have an interesting impact on pre-Xmas sales and retail activity given retail generally softens a bit in Election year. (But will the Orange Man be making yet another comeback?  Enquiring minds need to know!)

We expect huge hype around this period, don’t be surprised to see an overall increase in media costs as publishers and broadcasters make the most of this exceptional period of activity.

Television and radio will no doubt be offering major advertising packages to the market in the next few months, whilst many of the billboard, online and other media have arrangements in place with key sponsors that will take some prime media real estate out of the market.

(Note: Hazel Phillips recently ran an excellent piece about media price inflation around the Rugby World Cup  in the National Business Review, sadly it’s not online so see if you can track it down around your office).


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