gets a makeover

New Zealand’s largest dedicated female website has just undergone a major refresh.

From today, visitors will get an entirely new experience thanks to the following content changes:

  • The new nzgirl is all about ‘our favourite things’ submitted by nzgirl staff and their handpicked nzgirl panel of ladies. Shortly readers will also be able to submit their own reader picks.
  • The content has been repackaged under the headings of favourite things to eat, to buy, to entertain, to know and favourite people and places.
  • Social media elements have been woven in to the content, every article gives readers the ability to comment, ❤ it to your profile, retweet or like via Facebook.

Launched eleven years ago by Jenene Freer, and managed today by Tee Twyford, nzgirl aims to inspire and inform the women of New Zealand with a unique blend of fashion, beauty, entertainment, food, technology, health and wellbeing commentary and critique.

Advertisers are still well catered for.  The site boasts the aptly named “ridiculous rectangle”, a space 440 by 600 pixels wide which can accommodate any of 5 different format ads. For promotions nzgirl are happy to provide integration across many of the most popular social media platforms.


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