Online retailing in Oz

By Dale Spencer released its Online Business Index earlier in the year showing that the state of Australian online retailing is in a very positive state.

With the major players slow to get on the etailing bandwagon, the space is being dominated by small and medium sized businesses that are very optimistic about their short and long term outlook.

  • On an average day says it sells:
    * A piece of women’s clothing is sold every six seconds
    * A piece of homeware is sold every six seconds
    * A sports item is sold every 12 seconds
    * A toy is sold every 18 seconds
    * A baby item is sold every 24 seconds
    * A piece of mens clothing is sold every 24 seconds
    * An antique is sold every two minutes and 42 seconds
    * An MP3 player is sold every four minutes and six seconds
    * A car is sold every five minutes and 42 seconds
    * A laptop is sold every six minutes and 24 seconds
    * A GPS is sold every seven minutes and 18 seconds

The NZ market is remarkably similar with the big players slow off the mark and many still missing the great online sales opportunity.

We believe the greatest issue NZ etail faces is losing sales to overseas websites rather than developing solid retail models within the country….more money heading offshore.


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