Sky TV Announce a Pleasing Result

Every financial announcement from Sky TV is met with bated breath as agencies wait to see if Sky have cracked the 50% penetration mark.

Unfortunately, despite a year on year increase in subscriber numbers, Sky is “only” in 47.7% of New Zealand homes.  That number is not to be sniffed at however, nor is the fact that they have added another 45,000 My Sky subscriptions.  That means there are now 189,975 Sky households who can enjoy the benefits of time shifted viewing.

CEO John Fellet described the market as “choppy” and “without doubt one of the hardest years we have ever encountered.”

However it is always good to have things to look forward to and Fellet announced some new products.

By the end of this year they will relaunch an internet viewing service.  Subscribers will be able to access catch up TV and pay per view movies and events.  Eventually the public will be able to purchase content and download it to their hard drives or games console such as the playstation3 and xbox.

In February Sky’s John Fellett spoke about the potential of a 3d channel. Not mentioned this time round.

You can view the video of SKY  TV’s full year financial result for the year ended June 2010 here: Annual Result Announcement 2010


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