Westfield Malls – Ad Options Aplenty

Kiwis love going to the mall.  In 2009 the 12 centres owned by Westfield in New Zealand attracted 83.7 million shopper visits.  That equates to an average of 1.6 million shopper visits a week.

Westfield now wish to capitalise on this audience by providing integrated media solutions for each of the malls in their portfolio. Westfield BrandSpace, the mall media division of Westfield NZ, offers an extensive range of in-centre opportunities to promote products and brands directly to consumers. Using the common mall area clients have the opportunity to sell, promote, launch, and sample product, service or brands to consumers.

Here are just some of the opportunities available (please feel free to get in touch with your contact at media360 for more information):

Centre Court areas are the largest, and often most central, BrandSpace experiential platforms available to clients for building brand identity or executing key promotions within the common mall area.  BrandSpace Centre Court space is the ideal location for larger scale events, brand promotions, product demonstrations or retail displays.

Roaming within Westfield shopping centres allows brand to undertake sampling campaigns, generate awareness, do brand promotions and create theatre in the centres.

It is a fantastic way to create a personal connection with shoppers in a fun and interesting way and to drive trial.

Table top wraps offer a smaller format, dwell time media allowing for creative that can deliver a singular tactical message or a series of specific messages.

Event based promotions such as school holidays. Westfield BrandSpace can develop a custom proposal to meet key client objectives, providing solid in-centre exposure, and the benefit of reach to the target audience. Depending on the type of entertainment, the partnership opportunity may be limited to one named partner or open to multiple partners.


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